1. Bushman Rock Safaris will be closed Monday and Tuesday to allow deep cleaning and sanitization of all public areas in preparation for the forthcoming week.
  2. When entering our main gate security will ensure that all guests have facemasks prior to them being allowed entry.
  3. All guests will be met at the car park by member of staff. Asked to wash their hands at a designated hand wash facility at the lodge car park.
  1.  All check in and checkout processes will be paperless. This includes check in cards, invoices and indemnity forms.
  2. The picnic luncheons are served in 2 disposable boxes as per our current menu, guests are to make use of a sanitized table and 2 chairs. By their nature picnics are served cold, therefore they will be a mix of precooked items most of which involve less handling.
  3. All food items will be packaged in fully disposable packaging, thus reducing chances of contamination of our service stocks and possible infection of guests and staff.
  1. Additional drinks can be ordered upon arrival.
  2. Drinks service will only be offered for bottled products. No cocktails will be available and ice will not be provided unless by specific request. Garnish will not be provided for drinks (lemons, mint etc.) 
  3. No reusable table linen will be used.   Table settings will be rustic to allow tables to be disinfected between guests and disposable napkins will be provided.
  4. Activities to be chosen on booking.  Should you not pre-book you might not be able to take up activities whilst here.
  5.  Activities are to be restricted to one booking per activity and all guests and guides to wear facemasks at all times.
  6. All bookings will be restricted to a maximum of 10 pax per day.